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Well, originally the chapter was going to be about 2k words long.
It is now currently *leaves to count* 18,537 words long and its not done yet....Its close though! But Deviantart being the way it is I'm gonna have to upload it as several broken pieces. Had to do the same thing back when I was writing Elements of the Heart, so I might just go ahead and start posting here and just post the finished chapter on FIMfic when its ready. What do you guys think?
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So, whilst surfing Deviantart I came across an amazing artist with an even more amazing comic series he is working on and couldn't resist writing some fanfiction, after getting permission of course. Here is a quick preview, starting with the intro to the story. Keep in mind this is a humanized story.

    Several books hovered in the bright magical glow of her mentor, the Celestian smiled over at her as the uppermost marking upon her back began to glow.

    A pair of elegant ethereal sun-yellow wings spread from her back as runes etched themself into her body, the pencil she held shattering to pieces as she gave it a gentle squeeze. Just as quickly as she had witnessed the spectacle it was over. Her mentor stood before her just as she always had. Her white dress hugging her buxom frame.

    "I...I don't understand." Twilight finally spoke up. Celestia chuckled softly.
    "What you have witnessed is the powers that make up this world. The first you are quite familiar with. Magians, infused with Mana, that which holds all life together and able to channel this energy into great feats of magic. The second are the Avaros or as the prefer to call themselves, the Skyborn." Celestia smiled for a moment, watching her student. Her furious scribbling came to a stop, the young Magian glancing up from her notes to her mentor and offering a sheepish smile.

    "Sorry." she mumbled.
    "Not at all my faithful student. Its good to know you are paying attention. Now, as for the Avaros, they are born of the Elements. Of Air and Water." Celestia turned her back to her student, allowing her to gaze upon the winged tattoo that sat between her shoulders.

    "In a way they are also born of Mana, as all things are, but not in the same way the Magians are. Avaros are granted that which no one else is." Celestia chuckled as she turned back around.

    "Tattoos? But I have one." Twilight pointed out.
    "No Twilight. That marking upon you is a part of who you are. Anyone knowledgeable of the different races would instantly recognize it as the Mark of the Ancients, the first Magians. But that is a topic for another day my faithful student." Celestia smirked, returning to the lesson at hand.

    "The wings upon the back of an Avaros are a symbol of who they are and are also what allow them the power of flight. The most powerful of the Avaros can even control the skies themselves and twist the weather to do their bidding." Celestia paused for a moment, letting what she had said sink in before she moved on.

    "The final of the three, but the toughest and kindest, are the Gaians. The Children of Terra, born of Fire and Earth." Celestia intoned, Twilight watching as the runes once more etched themselves into her mentors hand.

    "Unlike the previous two, the markings upon a Gaian aren't so easy to see. And you are quite unlucky if you are given the chance to see them." Celestia said softly as the runes faded away.

    "Um...wh-what do you mean?" Twilight gulped.
    "In this instance I have willingly showed you this in order for you to further understand what I am telling you. The Gaians take care of the land and provide bountiful harvests that we would not survive without. But when pushed to the edge and when in great need, they call upon the great strength of the Titans from which their power was born..." Celestia held up a shard of the pencil she had held moments ago in her magic.

    "And can perform amazing feats of strength. A single punch from a Gaian could shatter every bone in your body." Celestia warned. Twilight gulped again.
    "What about you?" she asked softly. Celestia blinked in surprise.
    "What of me, my faithful student?"

    "You have the magic of a Magian like me, the wings of an Avaros, and the strength of a Gaian."
    "Ah, you mean the Fourth Race. The one for which I am named after. The Celestians. We are born to be the Guardians of Terra, to defend and protect this realm from those who would wish harm upon it."

    "We? There are others like you Princess?" Twilight asked. Celestia froze, hanging her head.
    "Yes...we are few...but we are quite powerful in our own right." She said quietly. A shaky breath later she turned and placed her hands upon a small box.

    "Twilight Sparkle. I fear you will learn more of my kind in the coming week than I would wish upon you. But this is a task I can trust only to you." she lifted the box, holding it out for her student.

    "Take this with you my student, it will prove its usefulness in due time."
    "Where am I going?"
    "A little town by the name of Eravil."




Questions? Concerns? Editors looking for work? Comment below!
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