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"THE Firefly?! Wow, that's...amazing!" Twilight couldn't help herself. Rainbow grinned.

"The one an only. Got a signed cap from her." Rainbow boasted. Twilight was incredibly jealous.

"I didn't take you for a Wonderbolts fan Twi'." Rainbow chuckled.

"Well, their stunts were a part of my studies as a kid. Ways of explaining aerodynamics and differences between the Races. And the shows were really exciting! I never realized just how much could be done in the air." Twilight finished. Applejack and Pinkie shared a glance, both scooting back from the two just slightly.

Hehe, this is so cute! Just look at them! Pinkies thoughts echoed in Applejacks' head.

Pinks, ah told ya not to do that.

Whoops! Sorry!

Applejack rolled her eyes.

"Well, would ya look at th' time. Ah gotta get back t' th' farm 'fore my sister burns it down. Pinks, don't ya'll have some big order t' fill?" Applejack asked. Pinkie gasped.

"OhMyGoshYou'reRight!" she said quickly, zipping out the door.

"Jus' so ya know Rainbow. If'n ya ever need t' talk t' any o' us. Ya jus' hollar an we'll be there fer ya." Applejack said with a tip of her hat. Rainbow smiled slightly and sighed.

"Thanks AJ." Rainbow said softly. She took a slow breath, glancing over at Twilight.

"You wanna know what happened next, don't you?" Rainbow asked. Twilight hesitated before nodding.

"Just like a Magian." she mumbled, but she did it with a smile.

"So this is the bundle of joy I heard about. I figured you two woulda been gone by now." Firefly said, looking at Rainbow. Spitfire bit her lip.

"You know how Spitfire gets with kids Commander." Soarin chuckled.

"Soarin, for the last time, I'm retired."

"Doesn't mean you stopped bein' my commander." Soarin argued with a shrug. Firefly sighed and shook her head.

"I dunno how you put up with him." she mumbled to Spitfire.

"Normally with some Pie." Rainbow spoke up, hiding behind Spitfire as Firefly glanced down at her.

"Heh, sounds about right. I'm surprised it hasn't turned into pudge yet." Firefly joked.

"Gotta keep a slim figure for the ladies ya know." Soarin winked, groaning as Spitfire elbowed him.

"We've got her things packed and ready to go. Just...don't feed her any fish, she swells up like a balloon. A-and she'll argue about it but make sure she gets a nap, and she can't read her comics until her homework is done. An..." Spitfire froze as Firefly put a finger against her lips.

"In case you forgot, I raised you. I know how to take care of a kid. Don't worry, I'll take good care of her. You two be careful alright? I want you back in one piece."

"I thought you weren't our commanding officer anymore?" Soarin cracked a grin.

"I'm not sayin' it as an officer. I'm saying it as your friend." she said, putting her hands on her hips. They both nodded.

"Alright, lets get a move on."

"Oh, w-wait." Spitfire knelt down and pulled Rainbow into a tight hug. The young Skyborn hooked her arms around her in return.

"I'm gonna miss you." Rainbow mumbled.

"I'll miss you too Dash, b-but I'll be back soon, okay?" she replied, Rainbow nodding against her. The two slowly pulled away. Soarin ruffling Rainbows hair before the two headed outside where they both took off. Firefly sighed and turned to Rainbow.

"Alright, you ready to go?" she asked with a smile. Rainbow nodded, grabbing her backpack. A man walked into the house, the rest of Rainbows bags lifted in his magic. She froze as she watched him, her eyes wide. Why was there a Magian here? Why was he grabbing her bags? Why was Firefly kissing his cheek?

"uh oh..." Rainbow thought out loud.

"Something wrong?" the man asked. Rainbow fell silent, glaring at him.

"Take it easy Comet. She just doesn't know you yet." Firefly scolded him.

"Come on Dash, the chariot is waiting." she said. Rainbow hesitated, looking around the place she had come to call home before following after Firefly. The ride would've been comfortable if not for the fact that a Magian was sitting right next to her.

A bit too close in fact. She scooted over towards Firefly who was occupying her time with a book. Rainbow sighed, resting her chin in her hands.

"Huh, that's interesting. I didn't know the girl would be a Magian." Comet said, noticing Rainbow's shoulder. She quickly pulled her sleeve down to hide it.

"Don't be silly Comet. She's a Skyborn through and through. Spitfire wouldn't stop talking about all the races they had." Firefly chuckled.

"Uh huh..." Comet mumbled, keeping an eye on Rainbow. It didn't take too long to reach Firefly's apartment, but it felt like ages before Rainbow was finally able to get up and stretch her legs. Firefly held out her hand for her and for a moment Rainbow hesitated before she remembered that this woman was a good friend of Spitfire, family even if she had heard right. She gently grabbed her hand, Comet standing on her other side and holding out his hand. Rainbow glared at him and moved closer to Firefly.

"She seems rather attached to you." he mumbled.

"From what I hear she isn't too big a fan of magic dear. Maybe you should tone down on it while she's here, hm? For me?" Firefly asked. Comet sighed.

"Alright. But I'm going to continue my studies, I have a job to do after all."

"s-studies?" Rainbow gulped, hiding behind Firefly.

"I know kids don't like doing their homework but this is ridiculous." Comet rolled his eyes as he unlocked the door and stepped inside. Compared to Spitfires' place it was a lot smaller, but still decent in size.

"You can have the guest room for now Rainbow. Its down the hall on the right, first room." Firefly said.

"Hon, I need that room." Comet argued.

"You can do without it for a while." Firefly said simply, helping Rainbow bring her bags in. Rainbow blinked as she entered the room, finding a cloud-bed hanging in mid-air on one side of the room and a work-desk on the other.

"Spitfire said you had some schoolwork to do, you can use that desk there. I figured a cloud-bed would be more comfortable for you."

"Thanks miss." she said softly, setting her bag down and digging through it for her turtle, setting it on the desk before grabbing her homework.

"I'll check in on you in a bit okay? Oh! and Happy Birthday Dash." she said, pointing to a box under her new bed. Rainbow walked over to it slowly and looked at the tag.

"From Spitfire and Soarin." she read, her eyes wide. She tore through the paper and pulled the box open. Inside was a stack of comic books, freshly printed and limited edition.

"Whoa...these aren't even out yet!" she gasped. But there was more inside the box. A Wonderbolts cap, flag and shirt with her name written on the back. A new handheld game to replace the one Soarin broke and a picture of all three of them together. Underneath the picture she found one of her dad and a letter.

"To my daughter, I leave behind everything. My life, my love, and my inheritance. When she is of age I want her to have my home that was given to me by my grandmother as well as the fortune it entails. I could never accept it, being unable to even reach it. Things are different now. When she is ready, I want her to know that I left this world happy to see her doing what I couldn't. Happy to see her smile. And if you're reading this Rainbow, I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart and I'll always be watching over you." Rainbow sniffed as she set the letter down, pushing aside some of the packaging and finding her fathers baseball mitt and lucky cap.

"I love you too dad..." she said quietly, putting everything back into the box except for her fathers cap. She wore it proudly as she went back to the desk to finish her homework.

Dinner was quiet, despite Firefly trying to sing Happy Birthday and offer Rainbow some cake. It just wasn't the same as throwing jokes around with Soarin and laughing at Spitfire when she tried to cook and nearly burned the kitchen down.

"No hats at the table Rainbow." Comet said, pointing to the cap she wore.

"Its a special hat." Rainbow argued.

"Well it can be special somewhere else. No hats at the table, show some respect little miss."

"I'll show you some respect ya dirty Magian." she grumbled under her breath as she took her hat off.

"That's it!" Comet stood and yanked Rainbow up by her arm.

"Hey! lemme go!" Rainbow yelled.

"Comet put her down!" Firefly yelled.

"I'm going to teach you some manners!" Comet yelled, pulling his belt free and looping it. He pulled back and smacked it across her backside, Rainbow crying out from each blow.

"Comet stop!" Firefly screamed, pulling on his arm, only to be shoved aside. Rainbow grit her teeth, the mark on her shoulder glowing as she screamed out in pain. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as the belt caught on fire, Comet tossing it aside and dropping Rainbow to the ground.

Rainbow scrambled to her feet and pushed her back to the wall, panting as she glared at him. Comets eyes were glowing as he called to his magic, Firefly standing between them.

"Do it and I swear to Celestia..." Firefly warned.

"You'll do what?" Comet asked, grabbing her wrist.

"You leave her alone!" Rainbow screamed, Comet gasping as he was flung across the room. Rainbow panted heavily, falling to her hands and knees as everything started to spin.

"Rainbow!" Firefly gasped, rushing to her side. Comet groaned, picking himself up and shaking his head.

"That's it. I want that little brat out of here!" Comet yelled. Firefly reached into her boot, pulling out a knife.

"I dare you to try." she threatened. Comet reached for the blade with his magic but it faded the moment it touched it.

"Anti-magic. Ex-military, best of the best for a reason." Firefly told him as she stood, holding Rainbow close to her.

"You're really going to do this over some kid? over some freak?! Didn't you just see what she did?!"

"Because you pushed her to!" Firefly argued. Her voice shook as she pointed the knife at him.

"Get out...GET OUT!" Firefly demanded, flashing the knife towards the door.

"All of my work is here. What am I suppose to do?!" he yelled.

"You can come get it when she's gone at School tomorrow. But I don't wanna see your face again until she goes home. Then we can work this out." she said, still holding the knife. Comet sighed.

"Fine. I'll be back tomorrow." he grumbled, grabbing his coat and slamming the door on the way out. Firefly sank to the ground, still holding Rainbow as she dropped the knife. The girl slowly opened her eyes, groaning and clutching her stomach.

"I'm gonna be sick..."she mumbled, leaning over and puking onto the floor. Firefly sighed softly to herself.

"Come on, lets get you cleaned up and ready for bed."

It was hard for her to sleep that night, curled up in bed with her turtle.

"I miss Spitfire an Soarin..." she mumbled. Of course the turtle gave no response, simply sitting in her arms and offering what comfort a toy could. Rainbow sighed, setting it down beside her and putting her fathers lucky red cap on it.

"Goodnight Tank." she yawned, getting cozy under her blankets and dozing off. The sound of her window opening pulled her from the edges of sleep. She whined as she rolled over, seeing a dark figure in her room.

"Firefly?" she asked as she sat up, her eyes wide as the figure started to glow and walk towards her.

"FIREFLY!" she screamed. Her caretaker yanked on her door, trying to get it open, but it was locked.

"Rainbow?! Rainbow are you okay!?" she asked.

"He's here! He's here!" Rainbow screamed. Firefly stepped back, smashing her foot into the door with no luck. There was a barrier in the way. She roared and kicked again, smashing through the door and able to see inside. she frantically searched the barrier for a weak-spot

"Little girls need to know their place." Comet spoke up, his voice echoing with how much magic he was channeling.

"I'm n-not a little girl!" Rainbow argued, jumping off her bed and screaming as he snatched her out of the air. He lifted up her shirt, looking over the Avaros marking on her back and the Magian symbol on her shoulder. Rainbow sniffed as she tried to kick free, gasping as he pinched the back of her neck and placed a collar on her.

"Just in case you decide to try your little freakshow again, this is a Magical Dampener. So don't try anything funny."

"Comet! Leave her alone!" Firefly yelled through the barrier. He ignored her, hefting Rainbow over his shoulder and heading for the window. Firefly grit her teeth as she raised her weapon.

"I warned you." she grit her teeth as she fired. The bullet driving straight through the barrier and hitting Comets shoulder, causing him to drop Rainbow. He turned his head, looking at the bullet jammed into his shoulder. Or at least would've been if not for the jacket he wore.

"Witches Bane. You sneaky bitch." he said as he turned, throwing out his arm, his magic snatching away the weapon and his barrier restoring itself. He pointed the gun at Rainbow as he stared down Firefly.

"What now hon? Going to get your little knife? Throw me out on the street? HUH?!" he slurred.

"Oh Celestia your drunk..." Firefly realized.

"I couldn't work...couldn't sleep, because everything I have is here. Because you chose this stupid brat over me!" he spat.

"I didn't choose anything Comet. I just wanted her to be comfortable here!"

"Well what about me?! I work hard! I put food on the table! And I'm the one that gets thrown out?! How is that fair?!" he demanded, squeezing the trigger in his anger.

The bullet just barely missed Rainbow, burying itself in the ground next to her. Firefly counted four bullets left in the chamber. She needed a way into the room and all of her gear was in her room down the hall.

She couldn't leave to get it, Comet could be gone by then. She needed to keep him busy, to let his guard down.

"Comet, I'm sorry. I was wrong." Firefly said, holding up her hands.

"That little girl didn't do anything to you. I'm the one that threw you out. I'm the one responsible for all of this. If you want to be angry at someone be angry at me."

"You know...that's a good idea." he raised the gun and fired. Firefly stumbled backwards into the wall, gasping and clutching her rib where the bullet had entered. She took slow breaths, sure that the bullet had pierced her lung, it sure as hell felt like it did at least.

On the last breath she held it, struggling to stay on her feet as everything became blurry. She could faintly see Comet raising the gun once more.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Rainbow screamed as she tackled him. The drunken man easily falling to the ground. Rainbow gritted her teeth as she wrestled for the gun, biting down hard on his hand.

"GAHHH! You little bitch!" he screamed, smashing his fist across her face. Rainbow rolled, taking the gun with her and pushing to her feet with the gun aimed at Comet. He chuckled as he stood, throwing out his arms.

"What? Are you going to shoot me little girl? You haven't got the guts to..."
BANG...BANG BANG, CLICK,CLICK,CLICK. Rainbow shook, tears in her eyes as she continued to pull the trigger, despite the gun being empty.

Comet looked down, seeing one hole. All three bullets landing in the same spot, having enough force to push one another through his flack jacket.

He sank to his knees, hanging his head as the Witches Bane sapped at his magic. Rainbow roared as she smashed the pistol over his head, kneeling over him and bashing it into him again and again, only stopping when a hand grabbed her wrist. Firefly held her weakly, her other hand covering her wound.

"That's enough Rainbow...that's enough..." Firefly said softly. Rainbow felt tears in her eyes as she hugged her, her eyes wide as she heard her caretaker wheeze painfully.

"NO! I'm not losing you too!" she swore, rushing out of the room and jumping as high as she could to snatch the phone off the wall, quickly dialing and holding it up to her ear.

"You've reached Celamont Emergency Services, whats your Emergency?"

"My friend needs help! Hurry!" Rainbow screamed.

"Just calm down ma'am, now, whats your name?

"Rainbow fucking Dash, now hurry up and send someone to help her! She's gonna bleed to death!"

"Just stay calm, someone is on the way. I just need some information. What is your place of residence?"

"I don't know! Just trace the call or something!" Rainbow continued. Firefly smiled, sitting against the wall as she took the phone.

" name is Col' Commander Firefly of the Royal Air Force, retired. I've been shot in my home and need immediate attention. There's one casualty in the household and a young, very brave little girl who just saved my life." Firefly spoke softly, wheezing and gritting her teeth.

Rainbow ran into the kitchen, finding a first aid kit like the one Spitfire had. She hefted the box off the wall, gasping as it fell to the ground and dragged it along towards her friend.

"Okay...thank you, you have a nice night..." Firefly said as she dropped the phone.

"Firefly! don't be dead..." Rainbow cried.

"I'm...alright...Rainbow. Just...conserving...air." Firefly wheezed. Rainbow nodded, looking around frantically until she found Firefly's cell phone and brought it to her.

"You can still text right?" Rainbow asked. Firefly smiled weakly and nodded. Rainbow smiled, digging through the First aid kit. Firefly typed on her phone, holding it out for her.

"Get water and a towel. Lukewarm. Got it" Rainbow nodded as she ran back to the kitchen, filling a bowl with water and dunking a towel in it, wobbling as she carried it back to Firefly.

The wounded ex-soldier set the phone down and winced as she tried to remove her shirt. She grabbed the phone again, holding it out for Rainbow.

"Get the scissors and cut off my shirt." Rainbow read. She nodded, pulling out a pair of scissors from the kit, carefully cutting through the fabric of her caretakers shirt and tossing it aside.

"Now what?" Rainbow asked. Firefly took a slow painful breath, reaching for the towel and pressing it down against the bullet wound.

"Pressure." she gasped. Rainbow held out the phone and Firefly typed with her thumb.
"Witch hazel and cotton balls. Oh! to clean it!" Rainbow realized, placing a cotton-ball against the top of the bottle and tipping it lightly.

Firefly lifted the towel, wincing as Rainbow gently dabbed it over the wound. She closed her eyes as Rainbow set her tools down and read through a little book inside the first aid kit. The girl rushed to the kitchen, tossing things about in search of something.

"Wheres the freakin' saran-wrap?!" she screamed in frustration.

"Bottom...drawer." Firefly called out to her. Rainbow pulled the drawer open and smiled.

"Aha! bingo." she snatched it up and pulled a bit off, running back over to Firefly and pinning the towel down with the wrap to hold it in place. Firefly smiled, laying her head back against the wall.

"Hey! Don't pass out on me! You gotta stay awake, okay?" Rainbow said, keeping pressure down on the towel.

"Yea, yea. I know." she mumbled, opening her eyes and watching as Rainbow kept one hand on the towel, maintaining the pressure, the other holding up the book to read through. Rainbow reached for the tape, ripping it with her teeth and taping down her makeshift bandage. Firefly blinked in surprise as it became easier to breath, gently touching the bandage.

"Hey! be careful with that!" Rainbow scolded her. Firefly grinned.

"Yes ma'am." she chuckled lightly. Breathing still hurt, but it was easier now. Rainbow sat beside her, grabbing her hand.

"Am I in trouble?" Rainbow asked.

"For what? Saving me?"

"I shot someone..." Rainbow mumbled.

"Oh...that's called self-defense Dash, and it was very brave. I've trained soldiers to be killing machines that couldn't pull the trigger when they needed to. You've got guts Rainbow." Firefly chuckled.The sound of sirens drew near, a team rushing into the house.

"Are you alright ma'am?" one of them asked.

"I will be." she said softly, hooking an arm around Rainbows shoulders, the girl helping her stand.

"Your name?" he asked.

"Firefly." she answered.


"Is this really important right now?!" Rainbow yelled.

"He's just doin' his job Dash. Come on." she said, stepping forward with Rainbow helping her stay upright.

"Sorry for the delay ma'am, we'll get you taken care of as soon as possible." the man promised.

"Good man." Firefly chuckled.

"Whoa, uh-damn. We're gonna need a bodybag." someone called from further into the house.

"I'll be needing a statement." the man with them spoke up.

"Sure thing. As soon as you patch me up." Firefly promised. He cleared his throat, his cheeks flushed slightly as he finally pulled his eyes from his clipboard to look at her.

"Do you need anything to wear ma'am?" he asked.

"I prefer the Au natural look. But I've got a spare shirt in the room at the end of the hall."

"I'll have someone fetch it for you." he mumbled. Firefly was laid on a bed and carted into an ambulance, Rainbow hopping inside.

"Whoa kid, hold up." an assistant said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey!" Firefly barked, wincing as she sat up.

"She comes with me." she growled.

"uh...yes ma'am..." the assistant gulped, backing down. Rainbow sat beside Firefly, holding her hand as the ambulance lurched forward.

"You're very brave Rainbow." Firefly said softly.

"I just did what I had to." Rainbow mumbled, looking down at her blood-soaked hands. Her onesie was ruined, the collar still clung to her neck and she still felt sick to her stomach. But at least they were safe.

"It had to have been tough..." Firefly said as she squeezed her hand.

"Wh-what about you an Comet?" Rainbow asked. Firefly bit her lip.

"W-we always had our rough be honest we were falling apart as it was. I thought...a child would bring us together. But we haven't had any luck having one of our own...then Spitfire asked me to watch over you...and I thought it'd be perfect." Firefly started to cry.

"I could show him how happy we could be...a-as a family." her words began to shake as the tears flowed freely. Rainbow leaned forward and kissed her forehead.

"It's okay...everything's gonna be okay." Rainbow said softly. Firefly smiled weakly and nodded. Everything was gonna be okay.

Rainbow sat in silence as nurses fussed over her, having finally removed the collar. They urged her to take a shower and to get comfy.

"I'm fine. I don't really like hospitals." was all she would say. Suddenly the nurses fell silent. Rainbow could feel a powerful presence in the room, slowly raising her head. There before her stood Princess Celestia herself. Rainbow stared, her mouth hanging open as the Princess sat beside her.

"Hello little one."

"I'm not little." Rainbow mumbled "Sorry!" Rainbow stammered, blinking as the Princess laughed.

"Its alright. I've heard you've had a rather rough night and that you're the one responsible for saving my dear friend." Celestia spoke softly.

"Dear friend? You mean Firefly?"

"Yes. She was my personal guard at one time. I rather miss her company." Celestia sighed softly.

"I'm very grateful little one. Friends are hard to come by for someone like me."

"But you're a Princess...everyone loves you."

"True. Everyone loves me, but very few know me. Friends are something greater than that love and I cherish each and every friend I have. However few they are. And thanks to you I still have one of those friends." Celestia smiled as she stood.

"You should go get cleaned up. I hear Firefly is allowed to have visitors and I doubt she would want to see you like this." Celestia spoke up. Rainbow blinked and nodded as she hopped off the bench and followed a nurse to get cleaned up.

"Princess, about the girl..." a nurse spoke up.

"I'm well aware of it. She gives off a rather strange aura. I'll wait here for her." Celestia said, the nurse nodding and heading back to work.

Rainbow sighed as she stood in one of the hospital showers, scrubbing the blood off of her hands. She could still feel it. The weight of the gun, the trigger resisting her finger. She stared at her hands, scrubbing them again and again. A knock at the door pulled her away from her frantic scrubbing.

"Are you almost done? Firefly is awake and waiting for us." Celestia's muffled voice came through.

"J-Just a minute!" Rainbow called back, splashing some water on her face before reaching for the towel. Since her clothes were being washed, or burned, she wasn't sure which; She was forced to wear hospital clothes, stepping out of the room with her hair still dripping wet. Celestia giggled as Rainbow shook her head to dry her hair.

"Come along then little one, lets not keep her waiting."

Firefly sat up as Celestia walked into the room, offering a salute.

"At ease old friend. No need for that anymore."

"Old habits die hard Princess." Firefly chuckled through her breathing mask. Rainbow slowly stepped into the room.

"Hey! there's my hero." Firefly smiled, patting the bed. Rainbow looked up at Celestia who nodded approval. With a smile Rainbow hopped into the bed.

"You okay?" Rainbow asked.

"I should be asking you that." Firefly laughed. Rainbow lowered her head and stared at her hands.

"I understand you had to resort to drastic measures Rainbow Dash. But what you did was done to save the life of someone dear to you and to protect yourself. When anyone else would've run away you stood up and remained loyal to those in need. I understand that doesn't change how you feel, but I hope it eases your mind to know you aren't in any sort of trouble." Celestia said as she sat down.

"Why are Magians so horrible?" Rainbow asked out of nowhere. Celestia closed her eyes for a moment.

"Magians have a strong thirst for knowledge and power. They want to understand everything and maintain it. Some of them let it go to their heads, but there are plenty of good ones out there. Starswirl the wise crafted many spells that help us go about our daily lives. Without his wisdom we would not be where we are today. Then there are members of the Guard and Military who serve to protect us and scientists who study disease and sickness to keep us healthy."

"Like my mother." Rainbow spat.

"Rainbow!" Firefly gasped.

"She was one of your precious scientists Princess. Studying my wings and trying to save my father. And now both of them are dead and I'm still here and I don't even know what I am anymore!" Rainbow broke down. Celestia remained silent as the girl vented.

"I just wanted to help my dad...that's all I wanted...I just wanted him to fly with me, to play ball and walk more than ten feet without needing to sit down and catch his breath. Is that so wrong?!" Rainbow demanded.

"Not at all Rainbow." Celestia said softly.

"I just...I just..." Rainbow ran out of steam at this point, babbling nonsense until she passed out against Firefly who wrapped an arm around her.

"She's been through so much..." Firefly sighed. "Is there anything you can do for her?" she asked the Princess. Celestia shook her head.

"Not without causing her harm. The spell used was quite powerful, sacrificial enchantments always are. It would require an equal amount of life-force to undo what has been done. And doing so might kill the poor girl. Her records claim she was very sick, suffering the same illness as her father."

"So we just leave her like this?"

"No. We watch her and make sure she doesn't use her magic. Her life depends on it Firefly." Celestia said softly.

"That's why she puked..." she realized.

"She has the complete embodiment of a full grown Magian within her, but it doesn't belong. Sure, it has saved her life, but it's also a danger to her. I want you keeping tabs on her and reporting to me any changes. If she suddenly becomes ill or if she starts using her magic."

"I understand Princess. I'll pass it on to Spitfire."

"Good. I must be on my way. It was nice seeing you again old friend, though the circumstances could be better."

"Hey, gave you an excuse to get out of the castle" Firefly chuckled. Celestia smiled at that, casting one last glance to the sleeping girl before she left. Firefly sighed quietly.

"Geez Spitfire, what kinda crazy mess have you started?" she mumbled.

After two days of being in the hospital the two were allowed to leave. Though Firefly was to get plenty of bed rest and Rainbow had been suggested a therapist to visit.

"I don't need therapy. I've got you, an Spitfire and Soarin." Rainbow argued. Firefly smiled as she prepared their lunch. A pair of PB&J sandwiches with grapes and potato chips. A masterpiece on a plate.

"You don't have to go Rainbow, but it might help. Dr Accord is well known for being successful with almost every single case he's ever handled." Firefly pointed out. Rainbow sighed, resting her elbows on the table.

"I know I kinda...freak out sometimes. Its just bad memories and flashbacks." Rainbow continued to argue.

"Rainbow, Spitfire tells me everything. Like how you curled up into a ball when she first went to grab your hand."

"I was still in the hospital. I thought she was gonna drag me to the doctors and have them put all those needles back in me and start up all those machines again." Rainbow shivered.

"And when she asked you to open your wings."

"My mother chopped off my feathers with a knife. She always asked me that same thing, every day." Rainbow put up as her argument.

"These are traumatic events Dash. Things your mind keeps expecting to happen that throw you into a horrible panic attack. I'm just worried." Firefly sighed.

"I don't need a therapist."

"Alright, alright. Eat up." Firefly chuckled as Rainbow took a large bite of her sandwich. She was gonna miss her when Spitfire came back.

"Hey um...I wanted to ask you something..." Rainbow spoke up randomly.

"Oh? What about?" Firefly asked as she took a bite of her own sandwich.

"I was wondering...since Spitfire adopted me...and you've been watching me...c-could I call you Auntie?" Rainbow asked quickly. Firefly choked on her sandwich, washing it down with some orange juice and coughing a bit.

"S-sorry. It was a stupid question. J-just forget I asked." Rainbow mumbled, peeling one of her grapes.

"Dash." Firefly gasped, finally clearing her throat. "I don't mind. It was just a bit of a surprise."

"S-So its cool?"

"Yea, its cool."

"Thanks...Auntie." Rainbow smiled and they went back to their lunch.

"HIIIIYAH!" Spitfire cried, spinning and smashing her foot into the targets chest, his ribcage cracking from the blow. Soarin drew his pistol, pinning it to the mans head.

"Code Green, Eagle has caught the Rabbit, requesting evac." Soarin spoke into a hidden mic on his shirt collar

"Roger that Eagle, Evac will meet you on the roof. You got five minutes, move your ass."

"Lets go." Soarin said, tossing Spitfire his other pistol.

"About time we finished this."

"Aww, you miss waking her up don't ya?" Soarin teased.

"Focus damnit, we aren't out of this yet."

"I'll take that as a yes." Soarin said with a grin. Handcuffing the man and tossing him over his shoulder.

"I'll take point, watch my six." Spitfire said softly, peeking around the corner and heading for the stairs.

"Roger that boss." Soarin replied just as quietly, walking backwards and having his pistol at the ready.

"Shit, we got uglies bringing up the rear." Soarin said, firing a warning shot down the hall, causing their would be attackers to duck behind the wall and pull out their own guns.

"They've got the boss!" one man called out.

"Ah hell. Move!" Soarin yelled. Spitfire rushed up the stairs with Soarin hot on her tail.

"Packin' any decent heat?" Spitfire asked.

"Well, one of em has an RPG." Soarin said with a shrug.

"Oh good, but I meant you gunboy."

"Oh. Well I've got my lucky grenade." Soarin joked

"Use it." Spitfire ordered

"Aww, but its my lucky..." he whined, Spitfire glaring at him.

"I'll get you another one! Just use it!" she yelled

"Alright fine." he grumbled, pulling it from his belt.

"So long buddy, we had some good times together." he sighed sadly

"Oh just throw the damn thing!" Spitfire yelled, gasping as a bullet whizzed by and clipped her ear. Soarin bit down on the pin, chucking the grenade down the stairs and spinning around, his arm resting on Spitfires' shoulder as he fired a clean shot up the stairs and through the gunmans forehead.

"Clear, Moving out!" Spitfire rushed up through the door, a helicopter hovering there and waiting for them.

"Lets move!" the pilot called out. They both ran, kicking off the ground and spreading their wings as they reached for the ladder.

"LOOK OUT!" The co-pilot yelled, the RPG having survived the explosion, a man positioning it and aiming at the helicopter. Spitfire spun in the air, chucking her shoe at the man and knocking him upside his head, making him waste his only shot, straight into the building.

"Nice throw" Soarin said with a gentle nod.

"I don't have time to get blown up today. I've got a kid at home waiting for me." Spitfire argued. Soarin chuckled as he sat down in the helicopter, slugging their prisoner across the face to knock him back out.

"Geez, do not get in the way of that mom, am I right guys?" Soarin laughed, the pilots sharing a chuckle as they took off. Spitfire winced as she touched her ear.

"Damnit all to tartarus." she grumbled.

"It looks nice, sort of. Clean up the blood and put a piercing in, no one would be able to tell the difference." Soarin shrugged. Down below, special forces crowded the building for Clean-up.

"Man, I can't believe we're going home." Soarin sighed happily.

"Heh, you miss her too." Spitfire teased as she cleaned her ear.

"Yea, yea. We're just the sappy brigade." Soarin grinned.

"I hope she had fun with Firefly."

"Yea, me too."
Discovering Friendship:EP3-Secrets of Rainbow P2
Twilight Sparkle, aspiring student of Princess Celestia has been tasked with the most difficult challenge a Magian must face. Making friends. Along the way she will discover what it means to truly be a friend and uncover a power unlike any other. Original story and races by :iconsmilingdogz: Go check out his comics!
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4.1:…
Chapter 4.2: You're here silly :iconpinkiesmileplz:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
It didn't make sense. It couldn't make sense, It shouldn't make sense! But as she pulled the pieces together she came to several conclusions. The first being that there were just things in this world she didn't know. The second was that friends could be there for you and you might think you know them, but everyone has their secrets.

The third being that the possibility of crossbreeds wasn't that far-fetched, but rare in itself. It took Rainbow snapping her fingers in her face to realize she had been staring blankly for the better of five minutes without responding.

"For starters, I'm not a Magian." Rainbow said, rubbing her arm and lifting her shirt sleeve slightly to reveal a mark of the Ancients. One that all Magian's were born with.

"Then what are you?" Twilight asked without thinking. Rainbow sighed sadly.

"I don't even know really." she admitted, looking around. "Look, I'll tell you what I know, but can we talk somewhere more...Private? People are staring." Rainbow mumbled. The group of friends glanced around, noticing a crowd building.

"Ah think movin' would be a good idea sugarcube." Applejack agreed, giving Twilight a gentle nudge before she fell into another daze. Together they made their way to the Library, where, after Spike had made them all some tea, they sat to talk.

Rainbow stared into her cup, as if she could escape through the light brown liquid. She closed her eyes for a moment, tears starting to stream down her cheeks. Twilight bit her lip, hesitating before putting a hand on her shoulder, causing her to flinch.

"You don't have to explain if you don't want to Rainbow Dash." she said softly.

"N-no. I need to get this off my chest." Rainbow mumbled, wiping the tears away and clearing her throat.

"I was just a kid..."

Ten years Ago

Nightgale sighed as she glanced over her notes, her daughter sitting in her office chair and giggling as she spun around.

"Be careful Dash. I can't have you breaking any bones, this research is important you know." she scolded her. Rainbow pouted, crossing her arms.

"Why do I have to do this? Can't someone else do it?" she whined.

"I already explained Dash...Because you are a growing Avaros your brand of magic is still building and weaving itself into your body. This research has to be done in the middle of that process or the results won't add up to anything!" Nightgale fumed. Rainbow hung her head.

"Sorry..." she mumbled.

"Its alright. As long as you understand. Okay Dash, Open your wings." she ordered. Rainbow sighed and stood, turning her back to her mother and lifting up her ponytail, her small wings coming to life and spreading out. She winced as her mother used a small mana-knife and removed a 'feather'.

"Alright, keep your wings out." she told her, leaving Rainbow standing there and mumbling swears under her breath. Nightgale placed the feather under a microscope, applying a bit of magic to it and watching the results with a grin.

"Just as I thought. No response to conventional methods" she mumbled, scribbling down some notes.

"Okay Rainbow, ready for your treatment?" her mother asked. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she gulped.

"D-do we have to?" she asked, her voice shaking.

"Its for the good of science Rainbow. You'll be a hero to injured Skyborn and those with defective wings. All good things in life are earned through hard work and suffering. Now come on." she said as she grabbed her arm.

"NO! I DON'T WANNA!" Rainbow screamed, blinking as her mother slapped her, picking her up and forcing her to lay on her stomach on the operating table. Rainbow kicked and struggled, but her mother simply held her down with her magic while she placed several restraints around her.

"I'll begin the treatment now. It'll be easier if you cooperate Rainbow." Nightgale said softly, holding her hands over her body and chanting softly in the language of the Ancients. Several runes began to mark themselves across Rainbows skin, the Avaros screaming as mana poured into her, her wings twitching and glowing dimly.

Nightgale held a clipboard in her magic, scribbling notes as she continued the process. Rainbow grit her teeth, trying to ignore the pain, trying to pull free of her restraints. Anything. But she was held tightly and there was no escaping. Finally she gave in, sobbing into the pillow that was her only comfort.

"Hm, process still causes pain in subject, but results are what matters." Nightgale said into a recorder. Finally she stopped, picking up her knife once more as she pinched the now fully restored feather. She carefully removed the feather and compared it to the previous one with a smile.

"Yes! I'm a genius! Application of Mana Transference and Binding holds Positive results in Wing/Feather Regrowth and Stabilization. Mana offered: minimal. Mana Maintained: Near maximum. Process almost ready for submission as normal practice." she said happily, turning off the recorder. Rainbow still lay on the table, her face buried in the pillow. Nightgale sighed and crossed her arms.

"It wouldn't be so difficult if you cooperated Rainbow." her mother scolded her. Rainbow said nothing, simply laying there with her face in the pillow.

It wasn't until her body stopped shaking that Nightgale realized her daughter was trying to suffocate herself. In a panic she yanked the pillow away, Rainbow gasping for breath and screaming as she pulled on her restraints.

"I HATE YOU!" she spat, tears stinging her eyes as she flared her wings uselessly. The bindings that held her were built to hold down Gaians. There was no way she'd escape, she knew that. But she was gonna try anyway.

Nightgale sighed, deciding to wait it out. There was no stopping her daughter in the middle of a fit. Eventually she would run out of steam and the Magian would be able to continue her research in peace.

"When you are ready to continue we can begin the Final Stages. I'll leave you to think about your future." Nightgale said as she left the room, her magic undoing the straps that held her daughter. Rainbow curled herself up and hugged her knees to her chest.

"Th-that's awful! That's child abuse!" Twilight yelled. Rainbow nodded slowly.

"Yea, I guess it was..."

"Th-there's more isn't there?" Twilight asked softly. Rainbow nodded again, gripping her cup. Applejack, while trying to be there for her friend, had begun to take notice of several things. The closeness of the two, Twilights concern for her new friend, and the trust Rainbow had given them. She didn't want to make any conclusions, but she kept her eyes open.

"I was born with Defective Wings. My mother being Magian and my Father being born unable to fly at all, it was a wonder I was Skyborn. She was trying to repair my wings as part of her research. At first it was great..." Rainbow admitted, taking a shaky sip of her tea.

"My parents gave me a lot of love and attention then, always asking if I was okay, always trying to do the best they could to give me the future they felt I deserved. But then things went bad, real bad.

"Dad caught some kinda sickness. I dunno what its called. But it was related to his wings and it was spreading through his entire body and eating him from the inside out. My mothers research was the only thing that could save him. So she turned to more drastic measures." Rainbow explained.

"Everyday she would remove the same feather, everyday she'd grow it back and everyday the treatments became more and more painful. She told me it was to save my father, to save my wings and prevent me from getting sick. She said it'd change the world and I'd be a hero for all of my suffering. She didn't say what it'd cost me." Rainbow squeezed her cup so hard it cracked.

She sniffed as she sat up, placing a hand on her sore cheek. She expected to feel a bruise or a bump. But there was nothing. Just the memory of being hit. She grabbed her mothers chair, using it to stand up high enough to look at herself in a mirror on the wall.

Sure enough she was perfectly fine, despite how hard she'd been hit. She peeked over her shoulder, looking at her wings. Each day they seemed stronger, and even though her mother always stole a feather, it seemed like she hadn't lost a single one.

"Is this the point of all this?" Rainbow asked herself, staring at her reflection. She jumped as her mother burst into the room, looking about frantically and snatching her in her magical grip.

"I've got to hurry! They are coming for my notes, for everything! I can't let them destroy it! I've come too far!" she yelled in frustration. She glanced at her daughter, seeing the glowing mark on her back.

"There's only one way...They can destroy my notes, but they can't destroy my proof, my evidence, my accomplishments!" She giggled uncontrollably, holding Rainbow in the air as the room grew dark.

She struggled to break free of her mothers magical grip, but once again it was pointless. A losing battle. She closed her eyes and clenched her fists.

"Just get it over with already!" Rainbow yelled.

"This will be the final treatment...after this..." Nightgale paused, never finishing the sentence as she returned to her chanting. A flame came to life on Rainbows left, shaped like a portion of her mothers marking, then another, and another, all swirling around her faster and faster.

Nightgale grit her teeth as an arcane circle spread about around her, another underneath Rainbow, linking them together. A group of scientists burst into the room as the spell intensified, blowing papers around the room which echoed with Nightgales' chanting.

"STOP HER!" one of them yelled. Stepping forward and glaring as a hand stopped him
"If we stop her now we risk killing both of them!" another argued. Nightgale allowed herself a grin. She would have her last hurrah. Her head flung back as the mana began to drain out of her body, Rainbow screaming as it sunk into her skin, drawing patterns and carving its way through her entire being.

Slowly a marking came to life upon her shoulder as her body spasmed, eyes wide and glowing brightly. In an instant it was over, Rainbow falling to the ground as her mother collapsed. Rainbow groaned as someone lifted her, a sad smile touching her lips as her father came into focus.

"I'm so sorry...if I had known..." he pulled her close. She wrapped her arms gently around him, sobs building in her throat as she listened to him wheeze painfully with every breath. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the scientists studying her mother who lay on her side, her skin clinging to her bones.

" her..." Nightgale wheezed, pointing a bony finger at her daughter.

"See...what my research...has proven?" she chuckled weakly as her arm fell.

"Someone call in the med-team and then security. Blitz, you good to go?" the scientist asked her father. He nodded as he stood, carrying Rainbow.

"We'll get her looked at and taken care of." he promised her father. He answered with another nod, following behind them slowly.

"D-Dad...I-I just wanted to help you..." Rainbow choked. He smiled softly as he continued on.

"I know Dash...But nothing is worth this...Its gonna be okay though. Everything is gonna be okay." he promised, kissing her forehead.

She leaned against him, still held in his arms as a Doctor brought a wheelchair for her father to sit in. The two of them being quietly carted away. Rainbow caught one last sight of her mother, a blanket being pulled over her body.

"It wasn't until they did some tests that they figured out what she did. She took all of her magic, everything that made her a Magian, and gave it to me. Forced it to be a part of who I am in order to preserve her research. To prove that stupid Avaros-Mana theory. Every stupid Magian I met after that just wanted to do test after test after test. It started to feel like my time with mom...I couldn't take it anymore!" Rainbow yelled, tears dripping into her tea.

"And the worst part was...none of it was worth anything! My dad passed away and I was left with nothing! Nothing but stupid Magian jerks looking for a test subject!" she screamed, blinking as Twilight hugged her. Her other friends soon joined the hug. Applejack hugging her from the side and Pinkie from behind. Rainbow swallowed the lump in her throat.

"I ran. I ran as far away as I could to get away from them. None of them could catch me. My wings were too strong and because of my size I was too quick. I thought everything would be fine if I could escape."

She blinked as a young girl slammed headfirst into her.

"OUTTA MY WAY!" the girl screamed, flaring her impressive wings and trying to get past her. She spun, catching the girl by the back of her neck and pinching lightly, causing her wings to fade away and the girl to drop to the ground. The girl jumped to her feet, gritting her teeth as she tried to open her wings, surprising her by actually making them flicker.

"You've got spunk kid." she chuckled.

"Don't call me kid, lady!" she pouted.

"Alright then, what should I call you? How about rude?" she teased. The girl crossed her arms.

"The name is Rainbow Dash. Learn it."

"Alright then Rainbow Dash. You can call me Spitfire. Now, why are you flying around in a hospital?" she asked.

"Those stupid Magian jerks just wanna poke and prod me and use me for their experiments. I've had enough of it!" Rainbow yelled, the wall next to her cracking as she threw out her arm.

Interesting... Spitfire thought to herself, crossing her arms.

"Well, just ask your parents to get you out of here." Spitfire said matter-of-factly. Rainbow instantly fell silent, hanging her head.

"They can't get me out of here, even if they had wanted to. They're dead." Rainbow spat. Spitfire flinched.

Smooth, real smooth. Way to screw with a kid she scolded herself.

"Ya know, they can't legally keep you here without a guardian or family member. They should've at least sent you to an orphanage, but instead they keep you here to study? That's just lame. Come on kid." she said, grabbing Rainbows hand and pulling gently. Rainbow panicked, screaming in sheer terror.

"NO! NO MORE! NO MORE!" she screamed frantically. Spitfire froze, staring at the child as she let go. Rainbow tucked herself into a corner and curled up, rocking back and forth slowly as she stared into empty space.

"What did they do to you?" Spitfire asked under her breath. She clenched her fist and picked the girl up, carrying her in her arms as she headed for the front desk.

"I want to see your supervisor. NOW!" she demanded. The woman at the desk nodded frantically, stumbling over herself to grab the phone.

"S-supervisor to front desk please!" she stammered. Spitfire stood there with Rainbow curled up against her.

"Please more..." the girl cried against her. Spitfire held her tighter.

"Its okay kid...I promise, its gonna be okay." she said softly.

"Th-that's a lie...they always say it's gonna be okay...right before they leave me...that's just how he left me..." Rainbow choked. Spitfire groaned internally.

Sweet Celestia this kid has problems. Just what kind of facility is this? Maybe I should rescue Soarin too... She was snapped out of her thoughts by the arrival of the supervisor.

"Oh thank goodness you found her." he sighed in relief as he reached for Rainbow. Spitfire stepped back, clutching Rainbow close and almost reaching for the pistol strapped to her waist before realizing she had left it at the entrance of the hospital.

"Hold up bub, just what the heck are you doing to this kid? I grabbed her hand and she had a damn panic attack so bad I thought she was dying!" Spitfire screamed at him.

"If you'll allow me to explain. The poor girl is suffering deeply, we are trying everything we can to help her but...there's nothing we can do at this point. If you'll come with me I can give you the details." he promised. Spitfire sighed.

"Fine, but she stays with me doc."  she said, not giving him a chance to argue.

"She seems comfortable with you, I wouldn't want to ruin that, despite what she might think of us." he said, agreeing with the arrangement. Spitfire smiled a little as the girl began to snore softly in her arms. She accepted an offered seat, sitting the girl in her lap and wrapping an arm around her.

"Now then, as for Miss Dash's condition...Its something none of us have been able to truly explain. I suppose its best if you see it for yourself." he said, scooting his chair towards them, Spitfire glaring at him.

"Yes well...lift her right sleeve and you'll see for yourself." he said, backing away. She lifted the sleeve and stared, unable to understand what it was she was looking at. She had seen the girl fly, she had Nullified her to stop her from hurting herself or someone else. The girl was clearly Skyborn and as hotblooded as one. So why in the name of Celestia did she have a Magian marking?

"Start talkin', fast." Spitfire demanded. The good doctor did his best to explain, telling all he knew of Rainbows mother and the horrible experiments she had done and of the final nail in the coffin.

"She bound all of her magic to this girl. Her very life-force. And now...if we don't find a way to keep her from using that magic, it will kill her." he finished. Spitfire closed her eyes for a moment.

"I'll do it." she said softly.

"Excuse me?" he questioned her, adjusting his glasses

"I said I'll do it. Look, you're a hospital full of Magian Doctors. Sure, you've studied us Skyborn, but you don't know what its like being us. On top of that she doesn't trust any of you because you keep jamming your damn needles in her. So I'll do it. Just get the paperwork done."

"Ma'am, I can't just simply release this girl to you!"

"Look pal, I spend my afternoons cracking jokes with Princess motherfucking Celestia and I will drag her big round ass down here if I have to. Don't think I won't damn it."she threatened.

He sighed, sliding over to a large cabinet, looking through the many folders until he found the one he needed. A quick double check of its contents and the file was placed on the table and flipped open.

"Sign here and she'll be in your care. We will need to perform checkups and attempt to apply a dampener so she doesn't cast any spells."

"Yea, yea, yea. Gimmie a pen."

Rainbow opened her eyes slowly, finding herself staring at a ceiling she didn't recognize. She looked around slowly. The room she was in felt...strange. No beeping of machines strapped to her, no Doctors moving about, no irritating smell or itchy gown. She sat up slowly, a large comforter falling off of her.

"Oh good, you're awake." a voice said. She turned suddenly, finding the woman she had run into before. Rainbow leapt to her feet, her wings flaring to life and her eyes glowing dimly

"You! Why did you stop me?! I was almost free!" she yelled, her voice echoing through the mana in the air. Spitfire walked over to her slowly, flaring out her own wings and causing Rainbow to stare.

"Relax kid." she said softly, kneeling in front of her. Rainbow slowly relaxed, taking a hesitant step forward, and then another, throwing herself into Spitfire and hugging her. She blinked, slowly wrapping her arms around the kid.

"It took some arguing, and some cards I don't like pulling. But I got you outta that place."

"S-So...I'm not trapped in a hospital? Where am I?" she asked, looking around.

"You're at my place kid. Oh come on, don't tell me you've never been in a cloudhouse before?" Spitfire chuckled. Rainbow shook her head.

"My dad was born flightless and my mom was a Magian..." she shuddered, gripping Spitfires' shirt without realizing it. Spitfire smiled.

"Heh, well, how about I show you around then?" she said, trying to cheer her up.

"S-sure..." Rainbow said softly. Spitfire stood, holding out her hand. Rainbow stared at it for a moment, hesitating before taking hold of it and following her caretaker out of the room.

Past the door was a massive hallway with several doors on either side, carefully crafted from the finest cloudblocks and pieced together by the best that the Skyborn had to offer. Enchanted lights clung to the walls ever so often, keeping the entire place lit up as they walked

"Whoa..." Rainbow mumbled.

"Heh, this is just a hallway kid, the best part is around the corner." Spitfire grinned, leading her there. Past that corner was a large room, bookshelves on the left and right, full of flight manuals, comics and romance novels. A pair of recliner chairs sat about the room with an end table next to each and a larger table in the middle of the room. Under the large table sat several boardgames.

"Wow. This is so cool!" Rainbow cheered as she ran about the room. Spitfire smiled as she watched the girl run about. Soarin peeked his head around the corner, shirtless with bandages around his chest and gut.

"So this is where you ran off to." he chuckled, wincing as Spitfire poked his ribs.
"Shhh." she scolded him, but it was too late. He had caught Rainbows attention. She raised an eyebrow as she looked up at him, holding a random comic book in her hands. He offered her a sheepish smile.

"Uh...hey" he said, waving nervously. Rainbow stayed silent, trying to figure out if she could trust him. Spitfire chuckled quietly.

"Told ya Soarin, kids aren't your thing."

"Oh come on, kids love me" he argued.

"Yea, you tell yourself that." she grinned, glancing back at Rainbow.

"You can use this room whenever ya want kid." Spitfire said with a smile.

"Really?" she asked excitedly. Spitfire nodded and blinked as Rainbow hugged her legs.

"Looks like you're pretty good with kids." Soarin grinned, earning another poke to his bandaged ribs. Normally it would've been a punch, but after his injury she had started going easy on him. The moment was broken by Rainbows' stomach growling loudly.

"Sounds like its lunchtime." Soarin said.

"Pfft, its always lunchtime for you." Spitfire argued, grabbing Rainbows hand.

"Never a bad time to eat." he replied with a wink to Rainbow who couldn't help but giggle.

"Heh, told ya I'm good with kids." he said smugly. Spitfire shook her head.

"Come on, I'll show you the kitchen. Despite being a complete idiot, Soarin is a really good cook. And don't worry, he's one of us kid." she winked, watching as Rainbow let out a breath of relief.

Someday she'd have to get her use to being around Magians again. They were impossible to avoid and not all of them were bad. They just had a need for knowledge and a need for understanding that sometimes went too far.

Way too far in this case, poor kid... she thought to herself. Rainbow felt dizzy as they walked, her head constantly swiveling left and right.

"Its like one big maze!" the girl gasped, her voice echoing.

"You get use to it. Besides, check this out." Spitfire tapped her knuckle on the wall, several lines appearing, each leading a different way.

"Each of these is like a map around the place. Lines like this, mean Bathrooms."

"Bathrooms? Like more than one?" Rainbow asked.

"Well when we have a Military Ball or the like we've gotta host it somewhere and ya gotta have bathrooms."

"Military?" Rainbow asked slowly. Spitfire blinked, looking at the girl. Did she not know? What kind of Skyborn didn't know about the Wonderbolts? It was like she'd been on the ground her whole...

Oh shit

It hit her like a ton of bricks. Her father was born flightless and the disease was hereditary. Rainbow had probably never been a few feet off the ground. She ran a hand through her hair, trying to think of how to explain. Luckily Soarin came to the rescue.

"Ya see kid, me an Spitfire here work for the Princess. You could say we're like Superheroes. We kick bad guy butt and show off our skills for all of Terra to see. They call us the Wonderbolts." he said with a grin.

"The Wonderbolts? That sounds kinda cool. So you guys are super heroes? Is that why you saved me?" Rainbow asked with a smile.

"No Rainbow. I saved you because you deserved it." Spitfire said softly, pulling her into a hug. Rainbow blinked, tears stinging her eyes as she leaned against her. Soarin smiled, letting them have their moment as he headed for the kitchen, twirling a pan in his hand and humming softly.

"Pancakes are a good lunch for kids right?" he thought aloud as he spun two eggs in his other hand, cracking them on the edge of a bowl. Spitfire and Rainbow walked into the kitchen, the younger of which stared with wide eyes. Spitfire smiled, pulling a stool up to the island that sat in the middle and hefting the girl up onto it.

"This place is amazing. Is it like your headquarters or somethin?" Rainbow asked.

"You could say that. Its where we stay when off duty. If we're doin a show or have a mission we stay wherever." Soarin explained.

"Wow...must be pretty cool." she mumbled.

"You know whats really cool. The way you flew through that crowded hallway." Spitfire chuckled.

"I've never seen a rookie fly like that. It was like nothin could touch you." she continued.

"I'm not that great. I was just running." Rainbow continued to mumble.

"Heck, if that's crap flying I'd love to see you really fly." Spitfire grinned.

"Flying is dangerous. My wings might give out at any second." she sighed sadly.

"Wow, those Doctors didn't tell you?" Spitfire asked.

"Tell me what?"

"Dash. Open your wings." Spitfire said softly. Rainbow flashed back to her mother asking the same thing and screamed, falling off her stool. Soarin reacted on instinct, leaping over the island and flaring out his wings, flipping in the air as he snatched Rainbow before she could hit the ground. Spitfire sighed in relief, her nerves on edge and her heart racing.

"I'm so sorry." Spitfire said quietly. Rainbow leaned against Soarin, who held back a wince as she pressed against his bandages, which he had torn clean through with his wings. On top of that, his little stunt had probably torn his stitches.

Sonuvabitch. Ah well. he grumbled mentally. Rainbow snapped back to reality when she felt blood on her hand, slowly moving her hand to look at it. She looked down at herself and realized she was perfectly fine. Slowly her eyes traveled to the soaked bandages her savior was wearing.

"Y-You're hurt..." she stammered.

"Ah its no big deal. Life of a super hero, tough as nails, protector of the weak, spinner of rooms. Wait, rooms don't spin...uh...Spitfire?" he turned to her, seeing she already had her first aid kit. He chuckled softly, setting Rainbow Down and pulling over a chair to sit in.

"You should probably look away kid. Its not pretty." he said. Rainbow stood in place and watched as the bandages were removed, revealing a large gash across Soarins' chest above two lines of stitches.

"Wh-what happened?" she gulped.

"Eh, there was this rampaging Ursa tearing up a town and we got called in to sedate it. It put up one hell of a fight. We tried tranq guns but none of us could get a good shot in. Someone was gonna have to go in close and get it in the neck. Anywhere else would just piss it off. OW! Damn that stings!" he groaned as Spitfire dabbed witch hazel over his wound.

"Well its gonna sting. Geez your an idiot..."

"But I'm your idiot." he teased. She rolled her eyes, chucking a cotton-ball at his head.

"Anyway. Spitfire bein' the fastest, she volunteered to keep it distracted so one of us could take it down. Fleetfoot went in for the kill and I hung back as backup. But then Spitfire got pinned down in a group of trees and couldn't get out of the way of the Ursa. So I did what any hero would do." he grinned.

"You beat up the Ursa?" Rainbow asked. He shook his head and laughed.

"Kid, no one can beat up an Ursa. Those things are huge! Took two whole teams of Skyborn with industrial grade cloudblock to move the thing. No. I did the other thing heroes do. I flew to the rescue." he winced as Spitfire began stitching him back together, Rainbow grabbing his hand and squeezing it gently. He smiled, returning the squeeze.

"I did a quick fly by and knocked her out of the way before it could get her. Of course, that meant now it was gonna get me. Fleetfoot was quick, but the Ursa was quicker. It managed to slash straight through my suit and through a couple layers of skin before Fleet knocked it out. Spitfire flew me straight to the hospital so fast that I didn't even hit the ground." he said with a smile.

"You're still an idiot." she mumbled.

"Still your idiot." he replied, another cotton-ball pegging his head. Rainbow giggled at their antics.

"Wow, you guys are so brave..."

"Hey, you're brave too kid. Cooped up in that hospital and still got the strength to fly like a pro? That took guts." Soarin said, lightly punching her shoulder. Rainbow smiled, rubbing the spot and feeling the Magian Mark. Spitfire noticed as Rainbows smile faded away.

"Hey Kid, can I see your wings?" Soarin asked, saving Spitfire the trouble of trying again. Rainbow flinched and nodded, her wings instantly coming to life.

"Whoa! Look how fast they open!" Soarin chuckled.

"Man, those are some mean lookin' wings. I bet you could outrun sunlight on those babies." he continued. Rainbow looked over her shoulder, eyes wide as she realized he wasn't joking. Her normal puny wings were now quite a bit larger, stretching past her arm length easily. She had never noticed before, always too focused on trying to escape.

"H-How the..." Rainbow looked up at Spitfire.

"The doctors told me that whatever your mom did, it saved you and your wings. But that it was horrible. I can't pretend to understand what it was like, but if you need me..."

"Or me. Just sayin." Soarin added, earning a glare from Spitfire.

"I'll always be here for you." she promised. Rainbow hung her head, gripping Soarins hand tightly

"Y-You promise?" she asked as she shook.

"We promise." they said together. Rainbow looked up at them, seeing smiles and truth in their eyes. Slowly she let a smile touch her lips.

"Wow Dashie. I didn't know you were adopted by the Wonderbolts! that's amazing!" Pinkie giggled.

"Yea. It was just Spitfire that took me in. Soarin was kinda like an uncle. I still had a lot of problems to sort through...still kinda do. After everything I went through, every time I see a Magian it just flips this switch that screams and tells me to run away. That they are dangerous and just want to hurt me or finish their damn experiment." Rainbow sighed.

"And then you came to town Twilight and my first thought was that you were sent here to come after me."

"Is that why you tackled me into the mud?" Twilight asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Uh...wasn't going for the mud actually. I thought you'd use some magic to stop me like they always did. When you didn't I thought maybe I was just being paranoid and freaked out that I'd tackled some innocent person."

"Actually, that's something else I meant to ask Rainbow...I know its not right of me to be asking you things after what you went through, but..."

"Twi', its alright. You can ask." Rainbow assured her.

"How did you know I was a Magian?" Twilight asked. Rainbow scratched the back of her head.

"Well, its kinda hard to explain. Mostly it was the way you walked, but I could feel your magic." Rainbow tried to explain. Twilight bit her lip, desperate to know more. But she couldn't put her friend in that position. Rainbow smiled, noticing Twilights' dilemma

"All Magians are the same in that way. Always wanting to know more. But not all of em are bad" Rainbow quoted. Twilight just stared in confusion.

"It's somethin' Spitfire would tell me when she was trying to get me to go to school. Heh, those were some fun times..." Rainbow chuckled.

"It must have been amazing living with them after what you'd been through." Twilight said.

"Yea...until they had to go back on Duty."

"Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit." Spitfire said over and over again as she read the letter.

"Whats up?" Soarin asked, freezing in place as he spotted the letter.

"We gotta suit up." Spitfire said, barely above a whisper.

"Today? Right Now</i>?! But the kid!" Soarin argued.

"I know! Damnit..." Spitfire sighed as she tried to think.

"We can't take her with us, not for this. There's been terrorist activities growing in several key cities. Several casualties and bombings. They think they've pinpointed the leader and want us to go in undercover and snag him." Spitfire told him, handing him the letter.

"This is bullshit. What about Fleet and Tank?" he asked.

"On guard duty in Celamont. There was an assassination attempt on the Princess remember?" Spitfire sat, putting her head in her hands.

"What do we tell her? Where can she go?" Soarin asked.

"I don't know Soarin...but this is gonna break her heart. What if she hates us for it?" Spitfire asked, tears in her eyes. Soarin knelt in front of her, grabbing her hands

"Hey, hey. That kid loves you more than anything, I'm sure if we explain it that she'll understand." Soarin said softly.

"Why did it have to be today?" Spitfire cried.

"I'll go." Soarin said.


"I'll go it solo. You watch the kid." he told her.

"You idiot, you know we can't go solo on missions, especially something like this."

"Never stopped you." he grinned, blinking as she stood.

"This is serious Soarin. I ran a few covert ops solo, sure. But I was never seen. This is going into the belly of the beast itself and being out in the open. One wrong move and you'd be dead. I'm not gonna lose you damnit!"

"I-Is everything okay?" Rainbow asked, standing in the doorway. She held a toy turtle in the crook of her arm and was dressed in a Wonderbolts onesie, wiping the sleep out of her eyes.

"H-Hey Dash. Y-Yea, everything's fine." Soarin said, Spitfire covering her mouth and turning away as a sob built in her throat.

"Why's she crying? Did something happen?"

"Well, uh....Dash I dunno how to say this...We got called for a mission."

"Oh, c-cause you're superheros r-right?" Rainbow asked.

"Yea...its a really important mission. A lot of lives depend on us doing well and its gonna be really really dangerous."

"I'm not going with I?" Rainbow asked softly, hugging her turtle.

"Sorry Squirt...too dangerous, even for someone as awesome as you. But hey, when we get back I'm gonna bring you the worlds biggest souvenir I can find, even if I have to carry it myself." he said softly. Rainbow nodded glumly and hung her head.

"C-Can I still stay here?" she asked.

"I'll see what I can do about that. Since you're still a kid you'd need someone to watch you here. Not my rule of course, you're a bit too awesome for a babysitter." Soarin chuckled, getting her to giggle. Spitfire sniffed and shook her head.

"Will you be back in time for my birthday party?" Rainbow asked.

"I...I dunno Dash. I want to, so badly. We've been looking forward to this ever since we found out when it was. Spitfire had the whole thing planned out. But we'll still celebrate it, the second we get home. We'll get some big ol' tubs of ice cream and have a huge party."

"You promise?"

"On my life and honor as a Wonderbolt." he said as he hugged her. She leaned against him and closed her eyes.

"Ok then...b-but I want the vanilla." She said into his shoulder. He chuckled.

"Alright, you can have the vanilla this time." he stood, ruffling her hair and turning to Spitfire who was frantically talking on her phone.

"You're the best. Okay, she'll be at our place. Just look for the bundle of joy near the comics. A-and she likes her bath with not too many bubbles, and won't eat her veggies unless you give her a handful of candy. Okay, okay. I know, okay, thanks." She hung up and sighed, blinking as Soarin put a hand on her shoulder

"Whats up?" he asked.

"My Sister says she can watch after her while we're gone. But Dash will have to go stay with her since its too far of a flight here to keep checking in on her." Spitfire explained.

"Heh, hear that Dash? You're gonna get to stay with a Wonderbolt legend." Soarin chuckled.

"A Wonderbolt legend?" she asked.

"Yup. She was our commanding officer during our training. They call her Firefly."
Discovering Friendship:EP3-Secrets of Rainbow P1
Twilight Sparkle, aspiring student of Princess Celestia has been tasked with the most difficult challenge a Magian must face. Making friends. Along the way she will discover what it means to truly be a friend and uncover a power unlike any other. Original story and races by :iconsmilingdogz: Go check out his comics!
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4.1: You're here silly :iconpinkielaughplz:
Chapter 4.2:…
Well, originally the chapter was going to be about 2k words long.
It is now currently *leaves to count* 18,537 words long and its not done yet....Its close though! But Deviantart being the way it is I'm gonna have to upload it as several broken pieces. Had to do the same thing back when I was writing Elements of the Heart, so I might just go ahead and start posting here and just post the finished chapter on FIMfic when its ready. What do you guys think?
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Twilight yawned as she sat up, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She froze and blinked, looking around. When had she fallen asleep?! Looking down she found the reference guide for the Elements...with her drool all over it.

"Yup...just another normal day." Spike mumbled as Twilights scream woke him up. He sighed, crawling out of his bed and dragging his feet towards the kitchen.

"Coffee..."he grumbled under his breath, putting on a pot and leaning against the counter. It had been a week since the defeat of Nightmare Moon and still Twilight was scanning every last page of the reference guide.

Spike calmly poured himself a cup, setting it aside and making another for Twilight. Due to his rather...strange appetite, this was the norm for them. He had always made it a habit of keeping his food separate, lest Twilight need a visit to the dentist.

The panicking Magian stumbled her way into the kitchen in time for her assistant to hand her the cup of coffee which managed to somewhat sooth her nerves. Spike peeled the book from her grasp, blowing over it gently to dry the drool, letting a small puff of fire lick the page so it wouldn't cake.

"There, just like new." Spike said with a smile as he set it on the table. Twilight sighed as she sat down, holding her coffee with both hands.

"Thanks Spike..."she mumbled. He raised an eyebrow and sat across from her, dropping two small rubies into his coffee instead of sugar.

"Why is this bugging you so much?" Spike asked, causing her to glance over at him.

"That power, that knowledge. All of it vanished after Nightmare was defeated. None of us remember HOW we did any of that and nothing in this stupid book explains anything!" she sighed in frustration, massaging her temples.

"What if some horrible beast escapes Tartarus and our ONLY hope of defeating it is knowing how these..." she lifted up her tiara, glaring at the trinket "work. I need to know Spike." she set the trinket down, returning to her coffee.

"Driving yourself nuts day and night isn't going to solve anything. have you tried asking the Princess?" Spike asked. Twilight blinked, and then blinked again, staring off into empty space before letting out another ear piercing scream.

"Why didn't I think of that?!" She cried, slamming her face down onto the table. Spike shook his head, summoning his trusty pen and grabbing some paper.

"Ready whenever you are." he said with a smile.

"Grmfrmbrghfer." Twilight mumbled into the table.

"Is that with an F or a Ph?" Spike asked jokingly, dodging a spoon.

"Dear Princess Celestia..."

"What is with these clouds today?" Rainbow grumbled, twirling in the air and slamming her leg through a rather nasty looking cloud that had drifted over from the Everfree. She sighed, sitting on a drifting cumulus and relaxing for a minute.

"Its like the weather there is getting worse." Rainbow mumbled, crossing her arms and gazing over Eravil and towards Everfree. A bad storm was brewing there.

"If that hits the town it'll tear it to shreds..." she gulped, diving off her cloud and flaring out her wings. Gritting her teeth, she pushed her wings harder as the clouds raced towards Eravil.

"Go Dashie!" Pinkie yelled from below, waving a rainbow colored flag. Rainbow chuckled as she dived into the cloud to break it apart, blinking and screaming as she bounced off it and went tumbling backwards through the air. A quick roll and twitch of her wings and she was rightside up once more.

"Tough guy huh? Alright then pal." Rainbow flew up as high as she could, up until the air was thin and her skin felt cold as ice before dropping down like a rock, headfirst toward the gathering storm.

"You're mine!" she screamed over the wind, eyes wide as the clouds began to rumble.

"Uh oh..." she tried to stop, but at that speed it was hopeless, even for her. She could pull up, but she wasn't going to escape unscathed. Though if she pulled up now the storm would definitely hit Eravil.

"The things I do for this town." she mumbled, throwing up her arms in front of her and screaming as bolts of lightning flew at her from above and below. She closed her eyes, still diving straight for the storm.

It wasn't until she bounced off the cloud that she realized the lightning hadn't touched her. Of course the ground wasn't as forgiving. She groaned, rubbing her bottom and finding her armor in place of her shorts.

"What the heck did I end up in this?" she mumbled.
"Dashie that was amazing! You were all like AHHHHHHHHH! and the lightning was all like BZZZZZZT but then you started glowing and the lightning bounced clean off you like it was nothing! and then you bounced off that scary looking cloud thats about to destroy our home." Pinkie summarized.

"Oh crud! Go get AJ! quick!" She told her, her wings flickering to life as she kicked off the ground and chased the storm. Pinkie Pie saluted and proceeded to bounce as quickly as she could to Sweet Apple Acres. Rainbow glanced around, waiting until Pinkie was out of sight before she began to chant under her breath, her eyes glowing dimly. She had to stop that storm, no matter the cost.

"Applejack!Applejack!Applejack!" Pinkie Pie yelled, banging on the door like a madwoman. The Gaian sighed as she pulled it open, finding Pinkie just standing there.

"What is it now Pinkie?" Applejack asked.

"You gotta come quick! There's this big nasty storm about to destroy Eravil and Dashie needs help!" Pinkie said quickly before running off.

"An where are you goin'?!" Applejack called after her as she grabbed her lasso and hat.

"To get the others!" Pinkie called back, already past the orchard and out of sight. Applejack stared across her home with wide eyes, seeing the massive storm that was building over Eravil and stretching towards Sweet Apple Acres.

"Oh no..."

"Sounds like its gonna rain." Spike mumbled as he washed the dishes from their light breakfast.

"Another reason to stay inside and study." Twilight reasoned. That was until Pinkie burst through her door and grabbed her by the hand, dragging her outside before she could be scolded for running in a library, amongst other things Twilight had scolded her for before.

"Come with me! There's no time to explain!" Pinkie giggled

"I've always wanted to say that, hehe."

"Pinkie let go! What..." Twilight stared up at the sky with wide eyes, dropping her favorite mug.

"What is going on?" Twilight asked.

"This big ol nasty storm blew in from over the Everfree forest. Dashie is in it somewhere!" Pinkie panicked.

"Calm down Pinkie Pie. Rainbow Dash is a Skyborn, a very powerful one at that. I think she can handle a storm."

"GAHHHH!" Rainbows screams could be heard faintly over the boom of thunder and clash of lightning.

"But maybe we should help, just in case." Twilight gulped.

"How are we suppose to do anything though?" Pinkie pouted.

"Well...You're a Gaian. You could probably jump up there, but that wouldn't help if you can't manipulate the cloud like Rainbow can. I could try and snare it in my magic, but its too big for me to do it alone."

"Perhaps I can be of assistance then darling." Rarity said with a smile, her eyes glowing brightly. Twilight smiled and sighed in relief.

"With the two of us I think we can push it back. But if even Rainbow can't handle it alone then we might need an extra hand."

"How 'bout two?" Applejack asked with a tilt of her hat.

"Woo-wee, that's a biggun fer sure. Ya'll think my lasso can hold it?" Applejack asked Pinkie.

"Won't know til ya try!" the baker giggled.

"Alright then. Pinks, since ya'll run faster than a scared jackrabbit ah'm gonna have ya do somethin fer me. Ah'm gonna grab that there cloud and ah want ya t' run as fast as ya can t' th' forest with it." Applejack said. Pinkie nodded and gave a salute.

"We'll help." Twilight said, throwing up her arms along with Rarity. The two chanted loudly, calling to the mana that surrounded and flowed through them and wrapping it around the storm.

"Its too big Twilight. I don't think this is going to be enough." Rarity said as she strained to push the storm back.

"Keep trying Rarity! We've got to stop this before it gets ugly." Twilight said through gritted teeth. Applejack meanwhile spun her rope about in the air before flinging it at the edge of the storm, grinning as it latched on snugly. The other end was tied around Pinkie like a harness, waiting for her to pull the storm back to Everfree.

"Alright Pinkie! Go!" Applejack yelled. Pinkie Pie's body began to glow as her runes came to life, the baker kicking off with the power of a train towards the forest and slamming face first into the dirt, burying herself halfway into the ground.

"Sheesh, that's a stubborn storm." Applejack mumbled as she plucked Pinkie Pie out of the ground.

"Owie..." Pinkie whined. She blinked as Fluttershy placed a bandage on her cheek.

"Hi Shy! Wait, why are you outside? I thought you were scared of thunder, and lightning, and big clouds, and your shadow, and..." Pinkie stopped as Applejack put a hand over her mouth.

"Ah think she gets it Pinkie."

"Well, um...I-I wanted to help. I heard Rainbow over the storm a-and...well..." she lowered her head

"Well, ah think ya'll might have better luck than us Shy. Me an Pinks strength is nothin t' that there storm. Twi and Rare are givin it all they got but it ain't budgin'. It looks like its up t' you an Dash." Applejack said.

Fluttershy gulped and nodded as her wings came to life. She rose into the air slowly, taking slow breaths and letting out a squeak as the cloud rumbled.

"Keep going Fluttershy! You can do this!" Pinkie cheered. She nodded meekly and continued upward, her eyes wide as Rainbow came into view. Her friend roared as she rolled about in the air, battling a massive monster in the clouds.

In one hand it held a massive bolt of lightning, fashioned like a spear. In the other it carried a large hammer, trying to smash the prismatic Skyborn out of the air. Rainbow rolled around the hammer, chanting loudly and throwing out her arm, one of the orbs that flew around her shifting into a lightning blade, the other shifting into a shield of ice and surrounding her arm.

She roared as she dove towards the beast, twisting through the air and raising her shield to block the bolt as she slashed his arm with her sword. The beast roared in frustration, bringing up its knee and halting Rainbow in her tracks.

As she was knocked into the air from the blow the beast raised his hammer, bringing it down onto her back and sending her into the cloud below. Fluttershy was frozen in shock and fear, unable to move or speak as it turned its attention to her.

It hefted the spear of light over its head and chucked it towards her, Fluttershy merely hovering there as it soared for her. She managed to scream and throw up her arms as the bolt neared her. She hovered there, expecting to be scorched or torn to shreds.

Slowly she lowered her arms, finding her friend in front of her with both hands on the bolt, her hair standing on end and her eyes glowing brightly as she screamed and crushed the bolt in her hands. Fluttershy stared with wide eyes as her friend hovered in front of her panting heavily.

"" she asked, her voice echoing as mana tore its way through her.
"R-Rainbow, I'm fine but..what about you? I-is that...Mana?" she squeaked as Rainbow glanced over her shoulder.

"Shy, get to safety. I don't know what this thing is. But its tough. I'm gonna have to go all out on it. I don't want anyone to see this." she said softly.

"I-I'm not leaving you here!" Fluttershy argued. Rainbow smiled and hugged her, pinching just above her neck and causing her to squeak as her wings vanished.

"Sorry Shy." she whispered, dropping her. Fluttershy screamed as she fell, blinking as she landed on a small cloud. It drifted down towards the ground where her friends waited, surrounding her as tears filled her eyes.

"Shy! what happened?!" Twilight asked. She shook her head, curling up into a ball, unable to stop the tears from flowing.

"She's been Nullified..." Rarity gasped, noticing Fluttershy's Avaros marking was dulled.

"How??" Applejack asked, Fluttershy simply shook her head again.

"Now isn't the time for questions. Now is the time to help our friend." Rarity said, pulling Fluttershy to her feet and hugging her gently.

"I'll take care of Fluttershy. Maybe you can find a way up there." Rarity said to Twilight. The Magian sighed as she looked up, the storm flickering as if it was ready to burst at any minute.

"Applejack...hows your throwing arm?" Twilight asked.

Rainbow swore under her breath as she pinched the nerve just above Fluttershy's neck. A weak spot of Skyborn. She wouldn't be able to fly for at least an hour, but it was better than what she was about to do. She doubted her friend would ever forgive her for Nullifying her, but it had to be done. Combat just wasn't Fluttershy's thing.

Turning around Rainbow sighed and raised her arms, calling to the mana in the air as the monster ran towards her. It raised its fist and she threw up her arm, casting a barrier in the way, roaring as she flew forward and slashed at it again and again with her lightning blade, another barrier flying up to knock back its hammer.

Glancing over her shoulder she saw Twilight just above the storms edge with one arm out. The Magian fell, only to appear again and cast another barrier around Rainbow who had been shocked to see a Magian this high in the air.

The barrier managed to save her from suffering a blow from the beasts hammer, embedding her in the cloud below. The beast raised a foot to smash her only for Twilight to reach out with her magic and pull her out of the way. She wasn't sure how the Magian was doing it, but she was grateful.

Rolling onto her feet she roared as she ran forward once more, blinking as Twilight appeared in front of her.

"Sorry Dash!" she screamed as she threw her arms around her and teleported. The two found themselves on the ground below.

"What the heck Twilight!? I almost had it!" Rainbow fumed.

"No you didn't. That's a Storm Mason. All you're doing is feeding it!" Twilight argued.

"What?" Rainbow asked

"A storm mason. They normally live in mountains and craft snow storms, but this...I don't understand how this could happen." Twilight sighed.

"So how do we stop it?" Rainbow asked.

"Well, you can manipulate weather. Applejack can throw pretty well, Pinkie's a good catcher, and I've got magic." Twilight pointed out.

"What?" Rainbow asked again

"My throwin arm'? Well shoot, pretty darn good ah s'pose. Why?"

"I need you to throw me up there so I can see whats going on."

"Ya'll wanna run that by me again Sparkle? Did ya'll jus' ask me t' throw ya?"

"Yes, straight up towards the edge there."

"Unless ya plan t' sprout wings ah ain't doin it. How in th' heck are ya expectin' t' get down in one piece?"

"I'll need you two to catch me and throw me back up." Twilight said, nodding to Pinkie.

"This is insane, ya know that right?" Applejack asked as she bent down and cupped her hands.

"I know. But its all we've got. On!" Twilight kicked off as Applejack tossed her with all her strength, the Magian soaring through the air and blinking as she caught sight of the Storm Mason battling Rainbow...who was using magic to fight it.

Don't be silly Twilight. She's an Avaros, that magic has to be from her Element. She has the armor on...somehow. I'll have to ask how she did that later. Oh crap falling!

Twilight bent her knees as she fell, Pinkie launching under her and cupping the Magian's heels before tossing her back up. On this launch Twilight managed to focus, chanting under her breath and casting a barrier in front of Rainbow to block the smiths attack.

Again she fell with Applejack skidding to a stop below her and catching her one handed, chucking her back into the air like a spear. Twilight managed to throw a barrier around her friend and pull her out of the way of the Smiths foot before she fell again with Pinkie chucking her back into the air.

"Whoopee! This is fun!" Pinkie giggled.

"Focus Pinkie!" Applejack scolded her, keeping her eyes on Twilight, at least until she vanished into thin air.

"Where'd she go?!" Applejack panicked, Pinkie tapping her shoulder and pointing next to them where Twilight stood with Rainbow.

"You know you're insane right?" Rainbow said as Twilight finished explaining how a Magian could fly. The storm above them began to shake and rumble, lighting up briefly as a bolt of lightning crashed down next to them, just barely missing them. Twilight threw up a barrier around them, the next bolt striking it instead of them and coiling around the barrier before sinking into the ground.

"Its too strong." Twilight panted.

"Its gotta have a weakness. C'mon Twi', how can we beat this?" Rainbow asked. Twilight glanced over at her and the two orbs swirling around her.

"We can't...but you can. It feeds off the lightning its cloud home generates and uses it as a source of power and to craft its storms. If you can cut off its source of power..."

"Then it won't have anything to trash the town with. Awesome! How do I do that?"

"You'll have to absorb the lightning yourself." Twilight said softly. Rainbow Dash blinked.

"Oh. This is not gonna be fun."

"Are ya'll nuts? Ah get she can take a lickin, but how's she s'pose t' take in THAT much lightnin an live?!"

"Relax AJ. I got this." Rainbow winked, launching straight up through a hole in Twilights barrier that closed the moment she was through.

"It'll be ok Applejack. Being a Skyborn she can channel that energy into other clouds before it can cause her any real harm and it'll dissipate harmlessly." Twilight assured her.

"What if she can't find no clouds to 'channel that energy' into?" Applejack asked. Twilight fell silent, hoping her friend would be okay.

"I'm an idiot." Rainbow Dash scolded herself as she flew straight towards the Storm Mason, flipping over it and slamming both feet into the back of its head, sending it stumbling forward. Before it could turn she was already flying off towards the head of the storm cloud. In the center sat the Masons Forge with the majority of the lightning channeled into it.

"One Human Battery, comin up!" Rainbow gulped as she dived into the Forge and grabbed hold of the bolts. She threw her head back and screamed as she called on her magic, using it to pull the energy of the lightning into herself.

In the distance she could hear the Storm Mason running towards her and gripped the bolts tighter, gritting her teeth as her leg spasmed from a rogue bolt. She glanced through the corner of her eye, seeing the Storm Mason getting closer.

"COME ON!" She screamed, blinking as the bolts came free of the Forge and sat in her hands. The rumbling slowly began to die down, the Storm Mason standing before her and roaring as it raised its hammer. She gasped, raising up her arms to protect herself, the hammer bouncing off the bolts she held.

"Whoah." She mumbled, grinning as she hovered in front of him.

"That's right, not so tough without your big bad bolts huh?!" she taunted, twirling them in her gloved hands. With one last angered shout the Mason turned away and vanished into a puff of cloud. Rainbow simply stared, still holding both bolts and hovering in mid-air, not even noticing the storm fading away from around her.

"WHOO! Way to go Dashie!" Pinkie cheered from below, snapping her out of her daze. She slowly lowered herself to the ground, her wings vanishing as she stood there.

"Rainbow...are you ok?" Twilight asked as the Skyborn hung her head.

"I dunno Twilight..." she mumbled, staring at the bolts she held in each hand. Any normal Skyborn would've been fried from that much raw lightning flowing through them. But her magic and probably her Element, had kept her safe.

But what was she to do with them now? She mentally shrugged and without thinking tucked them into her belt, her armor glowing and fading into the Element of Loyalty around her neck, taking the bolts with it.

"That was...amazing Rainbow. How did you summon your powers?" Twilight asked excitedly.

"I don't know!" Rainbow yelled suddenly, causing her friends to flinch.

"Sorry, I just...I never asked for any of this crap." she grumbled.

"I-I'm sorry Rainbow Dash. I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I knew I should've gone alone into the Forest..." Twilight sighed.

"Wait, what? You think I'm upset about that? Geez Twilight, for an egghead you really are stupid." Rainbow chuckled. Twilight just stood there, a look of pure confusion plastered across her face.

Rainbow sighed and held up her hand, a little ball of light appearing in it. Twilight blinked, and then blinked again. Her friends had begun to notice it was a pattern of hers, something that happened when she was on the brink of realization.

"You're a Magian?!" Twilight gasped. Now it was Rainbow's turn to explain how a Magian could fly. It was going to be a long day. At least it was sunny outside.
Discovering Friendship EP Two Flight of the Magian
Twilight Sparkle, aspiring student of Princess Celestia has been tasked with the most difficult challenge a Magian must face. Making friends. Along the way she will discover what it means to truly be a friend and uncover a power unlike any other. Original story and races by :iconsmilingdogz: Go check out his comics!
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3: You're here silly :iconpinkielaughplz:
Chapter 4.1:…
Chapter 4.2:…
Well, originally the chapter was going to be about 2k words long.
It is now currently *leaves to count* 18,537 words long and its not done yet....Its close though! But Deviantart being the way it is I'm gonna have to upload it as several broken pieces. Had to do the same thing back when I was writing Elements of the Heart, so I might just go ahead and start posting here and just post the finished chapter on FIMfic when its ready. What do you guys think?
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So, whilst surfing Deviantart I came across an amazing artist with an even more amazing comic series he is working on and couldn't resist writing some fanfiction, after getting permission of course. Here is a quick preview, starting with the intro to the story. Keep in mind this is a humanized story.

    Several books hovered in the bright magical glow of her mentor, the Celestian smiled over at her as the uppermost marking upon her back began to glow.

    A pair of elegant ethereal sun-yellow wings spread from her back as runes etched themself into her body, the pencil she held shattering to pieces as she gave it a gentle squeeze. Just as quickly as she had witnessed the spectacle it was over. Her mentor stood before her just as she always had. Her white dress hugging her buxom frame.

    "I...I don't understand." Twilight finally spoke up. Celestia chuckled softly.
    "What you have witnessed is the powers that make up this world. The first you are quite familiar with. Magians, infused with Mana, that which holds all life together and able to channel this energy into great feats of magic. The second are the Avaros or as the prefer to call themselves, the Skyborn." Celestia smiled for a moment, watching her student. Her furious scribbling came to a stop, the young Magian glancing up from her notes to her mentor and offering a sheepish smile.

    "Sorry." she mumbled.
    "Not at all my faithful student. Its good to know you are paying attention. Now, as for the Avaros, they are born of the Elements. Of Air and Water." Celestia turned her back to her student, allowing her to gaze upon the winged tattoo that sat between her shoulders.

    "In a way they are also born of Mana, as all things are, but not in the same way the Magians are. Avaros are granted that which no one else is." Celestia chuckled as she turned back around.

    "Tattoos? But I have one." Twilight pointed out.
    "No Twilight. That marking upon you is a part of who you are. Anyone knowledgeable of the different races would instantly recognize it as the Mark of the Ancients, the first Magians. But that is a topic for another day my faithful student." Celestia smirked, returning to the lesson at hand.

    "The wings upon the back of an Avaros are a symbol of who they are and are also what allow them the power of flight. The most powerful of the Avaros can even control the skies themselves and twist the weather to do their bidding." Celestia paused for a moment, letting what she had said sink in before she moved on.

    "The final of the three, but the toughest and kindest, are the Gaians. The Children of Terra, born of Fire and Earth." Celestia intoned, Twilight watching as the runes once more etched themselves into her mentors hand.

    "Unlike the previous two, the markings upon a Gaian aren't so easy to see. And you are quite unlucky if you are given the chance to see them." Celestia said softly as the runes faded away.

    "Um...wh-what do you mean?" Twilight gulped.
    "In this instance I have willingly showed you this in order for you to further understand what I am telling you. The Gaians take care of the land and provide bountiful harvests that we would not survive without. But when pushed to the edge and when in great need, they call upon the great strength of the Titans from which their power was born..." Celestia held up a shard of the pencil she had held moments ago in her magic.

    "And can perform amazing feats of strength. A single punch from a Gaian could shatter every bone in your body." Celestia warned. Twilight gulped again.
    "What about you?" she asked softly. Celestia blinked in surprise.
    "What of me, my faithful student?"

    "You have the magic of a Magian like me, the wings of an Avaros, and the strength of a Gaian."
    "Ah, you mean the Fourth Race. The one for which I am named after. The Celestians. We are born to be the Guardians of Terra, to defend and protect this realm from those who would wish harm upon it."

    "We? There are others like you Princess?" Twilight asked. Celestia froze, hanging her head.
    "Yes...we are few...but we are quite powerful in our own right." She said quietly. A shaky breath later she turned and placed her hands upon a small box.

    "Twilight Sparkle. I fear you will learn more of my kind in the coming week than I would wish upon you. But this is a task I can trust only to you." she lifted the box, holding it out for her student.

    "Take this with you my student, it will prove its usefulness in due time."
    "Where am I going?"
    "A little town by the name of Eravil."




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